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 What is the EurAsEC?

EurAsECThe Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC or EurAsEC) originated from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia on 29 March 1996.[1] The Treaty on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Community was signed on 10 October 2000.
All EurAsEC countries recognize Certificates of Conformity issued under this new Technical Regalement of the Custom Union: TR TS

What is a Certificate of Conformity TR TS (Custom Union)?

The new Technical Regulation for the Customs Union (TR TS that somebody wrongly call TR CU) that presently includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan came into effect on 15 February 2013. Effective of March 15th, the following technical regulations have been adopted for the listed product groups:

  • TR TS "On the safety of low voltage equipment", adopted by the Commission Decision of the Customs Union of 16.08.2011 № 768;
  • TR TS "On the safety of machinery and equipment," adopted by the Commission Decision of the Customs Union of 18.10.2011 № 823;
  • TR TS "Safety of lifts", adopted by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union of 18.10.2011 № 824;
  • TR TS "On the safety equipment for working in hazardous environments," adopted by the Commission Decision of the Customs Union of 18.10.2011 № 825;
  • TR TS "On security devices, operating on gaseous fuels," adopted by the Commission Decision of the Customs Union of 09.12.2011 № 875;
  • TR TS "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment," adopted by the Commission Decision of the Customs Union of 09.12.2011 № 879.

TAKE CARE ! See the Download page to get all data regarding TR TS procedures and norms for certifications and declarations of conformity.

What is a declarant ?

Unlike GOST-R or GOST TR certificates, the new TR TS is issued only in the name of legal entities registered in the territory of the Customs Union. The TR TS is not issued in the name of the product manufacturer. The applicant must have a valid contract that clearly specifies the arrangement and fulfillment of warranty obligations for the products involved in the certification scope.

TAKE CARE ! We can provide a Russian declarant if you cannot fulfill those requirements

What is and how to read a GOST R Certificate ?

A GOST R is a conformity certificate equivalent for the Russian Federation to the CE certification in Europe.
 Norms are not exactly the same but mostly similar.
 It is mandatory for almost all the good and equipment and is required for custom clearance and distribution / installation of the goods.
 On the other countries there are different bodies: 
Ukraine - UKR-SEPRO 
Belarus - GOST BY - 
Kazakhstan - GOST K (also called in Europe COC)

TAKE CARE ! Starting from February 2013 the GOST R certificate was substituted by the new TR TS Certificate of Conformity and only the voluntary type still exhist



On the GOST R certificate, this information can be found:

GOST R Information

 Note: click on the image above to enlarge.

Who can issue those certificates ?

Normally the bodies that issue certificates or permits to use are Government organizations, with the exclusion of the GOST R (Ukr-sepro and other GOSTs also) that can be issued by a Certification Company authorized by the GOSTANDARD organ of Governamental Standards.
A manufacturer cannot apply directly to the GOSTANDARD and must deal with one of the many Certification Companies that is authorized for the specific product, having the needed specialists and laboratories.
Regarding the Permits to use (RTN, Hygienic, Fire etc.) those were restructured many times during the past years and now are issued by Government bodies only, but in order to apply it is necessary to prepare a Technical File and other documents that can only be issued by an authorized Certification Company, so also here a manufacturer cannot apply directly to the control body for a certification procedure.
Certification companies authorized to deal with permits to use are very few and work for many intermediary company, so care to choose a directly recognized one !
Here below you can find a copy of accreditation certificates that a certification Company MUST be able to provide you in order to prove the capability to issue the needed certificates.

We deal DIRECTLY with all Goverment organizations and can obtain all the certifications you may need

From left: GOST R accreditation letter; RTN acccreditation letter

accred-gost accred-rtn

Why is this necessary?

European certificates of conformity CE or of quality ISO and other local certifications such as ASME are not recognized in those countries.

For the purpose of custom clearance, wholesale, installation and safety acknowledgment it is necessary to provide local certifications.

The most well known in Russia are:

  • GOST R and new TR TS conformity certificate
  • TR TS EX conformity certificate for EX classified products
  • Expert Conclusion on Industial Safety ( Ex RTN (Rostechnadzor) Permit to use )
  • Hygienic certificate TS ( Ex Rospatrebnadzore)
  • Fire safety certificate
  • Pattern approval certificate (metrology)

Is this the requirement of Russian Customs ?

Yes. On October 1, 2000 Russian Governmental Customs committee issued an order that Certificate of Conformity is needed for some of exported products and equipment. However, not all the products have to be certified – the list of the products, where Certification is not necessary, is published by Governmental Customs committee every half of the year. "Letter of Refusement" or voluntary GOST certification is required for such products, it is issued by a special Certification Institute.
Norms vary very often, check our NEWS page in order to get last update.

Certificates are not only requested by custom but also for wholesale and installation.

Custom will require a certified copy of the certificate to be shown, simple copies are not recognized (unless declarations of conformity)

Is GOST R Certificate valid in other CIS countries ?

Russian Certificate under the new TR TS (Custom Union) is valid also in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Till the middle of 80-th there was general GOSSTANDART that was used by all the republics of ex-USSR. Now many of them continue to work with some standards from that period and Russian Certificate still has is videly recognized in minor Republics.
However, no Russian GOST Certificates are valid in Ukraine! They have their own system called UkrSEPRO.

Here you get More Information about UkrSEPRO

Also Belarus and Kazachstan have their own certification system called GOST BY and GOST K, however certifications according to the new TR TS are recognized.

Copies of a Certificate can be used ?

You can make copies of the Certificate original that you will complete with your company seal and write "true copy". You can use these copies in the Russian market – for wholesalers and customers.

Original-copy of the GOST certificate is necessary for Russian customs – this is a copy, approved by Russian notary or at Russian consulate abroad. The Certificate is accurately checked at Russian customs, as well in shops and wholesale stores.
Original copies of GOST certificate can be also issued by the certification company that issued the certificate.

Permits to use does not have true copies issued by certification bodies, and they are not required inside Russia, if your contract still require a certified copy the only way is to go to a Russian notary with the original.

What does it mean "Certificate for Serial production" ?

Certificate Organs, accredited in GOSSTANDART, are entitled to give Certificates for serial production during 3 or 5 years. Having such Certificate, manufacturer gets an opportunity to deliver their products in Russia during the validity period. This Certificate looks like all others, but there are some special features:

  • any manufacturer from any country can get such Certificate.
  • One of the necessary conditions is to arrange inspectors visit for checking production process and getting products samples.
  • Certificate is valid only for products listed there. All other products of this manufacturer cannot be delivered to Russia with this Certificate.
  • to get this Certificate it is necessary to check level of production, products quality and its hygienic features.
  • Certificate is valid during 3 or 5 years.

Accordingly Russian Federation laws, every year Certificate Organ has to make "Inspecting Control" visits. (that we normally can avoid)

According to last rules the certificates in Russia can have a validity of 3 or 5 years depending on the classification of the product (custom code), Permits to use such as Expert Conclusions or Hygienic are valid for the whole life of the equipment.

What does it mean "Certificate for Serial production with 1 year validity" ?

This is a Certificate for serial production – but it is valid during 1 year only.
This certificate can be obtained avoiding inspection visit, but the costs are almost the same of the 3 years one.

This is why we strongly suggest not to apply to such procedure of Gost certification, becuase of its poor cost / efficiency value.

What does it mean "Certificate for single delivery " ?

This Certificate is for manufacturers, arranging single delivery of products to Russia. To get such Certificate – you will not need to present samples, only documentation is required. This is the cheapest option of Certification, it can be used if there is an appropriate customer in Russia and it is issued for an exact quantity of products under a defined contract.
To get such Certificate it is necessary :
- The list of products for Certification and International Customs Tariff codes.
- Quantity of products for delivery.
- Technical information about products – specification has to be presented on 2-3 pages. 
- Information about final russian client, including address, telephone and contact person. 
- Copy of the contract with final russian client (wihout prices).
Batch certificates are mostly used for plants, line of production or special order equipment where serial certification is impossible to apply.

What does it mean "Exemption Letter" ?

The list of products, where Certification is not necessary, is published by Government Customs committee every half of the year.
For such products an Exemption letter has to be presented to the custom authorities.

There are some changes in 2010 regarding those letters:
Letters issued by the VNIIS organization are not any more valid for the Custom.

The new procedure in order to obtain the exempting letter necessarry for custom procedure when the goods are certified under voluntary Gost R required the following documents:
- descriptions of the goods in Russian language
- letter of request in Russian language on head paper, signed and stamped in original, by the Russian final client
- copy of the contract with the final Russian client
- copy of the invoice connected to the shipping

It is clear that this procedure cannot be done anymore by the sub-contractors or manufacturers, first of all because it is impossible for them to obtain the a.m. letter.
We suggest our clients to apply for a voluntary Gost R (not valid for custom clearance) in order to satisfy the contract with their client and to obtain the permit to use if necessary. The final client on the base of this will get the exemption letter needed.

What is GOSSTROY Certificate ?

GOSSTROY Certificates were issued till mid 2007for building materials.
GOSSTROY was a separate organization, similar to GOSSTANDART, the procedure of getting such Certificate was about the same as for GOST Certificate.

Actually those materials require GOST R or new TR TS certificates like all the others.

Which procedure should be applied for obtaining Certificates ?

Firstly, address to our office by phone, fax or email. 

– we will need to get detailed information with products description and custom codes and will reply to all our questions!

*After dealing with your documentation, we will send you commercial offer with all the terms, conditions and price for Certification.


Which documents should be prepared by the company before the inspection ?

The main reason, why Experts come to your company – is to check the stable production process.
We can help in handling all the inspection visit, specially the most complicated such as from Belarus and Kazakhstan inspectors
Here it is what you can start to prepare for such visits in order to shrink inspection time

Analysis of production is similar to the one, arranging for ISO 9000 Certificate. The copies of the next documents are needed :


General information about company (yearly production volume, entire territory of production, number of staff in each department and so on)
  2. Main establishment contract of the company, tax registration Act,
  3. Approved registration document for trade mark,
  4. Copy of ISO 9000 Certificate or local Certificate of quality, normative documents with standards for products,
  5. Description of incoming row-materials control procedure and its issues,
  6. Description of production steps process control and its issues for each operation,
  7. Description of completed production quality control and its issues,
  8. List of main suppliers and their Quality Certificates, Declarations,
  9. Organisation chart of the company (here is the related person for quality should be directly responsible to the General Director of the firm).
  10. The program of maintenance and repairing of the main equipment for the production. On this program should be shown as: Name of the machinery, their trade mark, country of origin, frequency of maintenance period, former and future maintenance and repairing time.
  11. The program of the calibration of measuring instruments and equipment. On this program should be shown as: Name of the equipment, the place where it is used, trade mark, country of origin, frequency of calibration period, former and future calibration time. Accreditation Certificates of calibration organization and related reports should be added to this program.
  12. User manuals, guarantee labels, stickers, etc. should be copied and prepared.

Till today, I exported my goods to Russia, nobody asked me for this certificate !

It happened because you did not know about Certificates! But they exists more than twenty years!
Your Russian customers already know about Certificates and they solved this problem without your knowledge...
locally, sometimes using shortcuts, that you better don't ask.


Because of non-certified products, you may lost many of your chances to sale products in the Russian market.
Using this Certificate you will really increase the number of your clients and fight against counterfeit copies.

I have ISO 9000 Certificate or CE Sign – are they enough ?

Unfortunately, not! Even if you have a translation of this Certificate into Russian, it is not valid in Russia. Here the only official Certificate is GOST-R, TR TS, Hygienic Certificate and Fire Certificate. At the moment ISO 9000 is not known there very well, and it is almost not being asked by Russian customers at all.

I have no ISO or any other quality certificate; may I obtain the GOST?

To get GOST-R Certificate you will not need ISO quality certificate, that is why any manufacturer can get Russian Certificate of Conformity. But if you already have ISO 9000, it will be easier for you to prepare all the information for Russian Conformity Certificate, because similar documents are necessary for analysis of production, required for inspectors.
To issue Russian Conformity certificate it does not matter how many persons work in the company.

What does it mean Hygienic Certificate?

Hygienic Certificate is given by specialized Laboratories, accredited in Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, after checking products for poisons, chemical contents and so on. Products, where Hygienic Certificate is necessary, are listed in GOST, - including food, hygienic products, cosmetics and cloths. To get Certificate of Conformity for such products, you will need to get Hygienic Certificate firstly.




What does it mean Fire Certificate?

Fire Certificate is required for some products and equipment, mostly it is given after checking their burning level. All the products, where Fire Certificate is necessary is listed in GOST, including rock-wool, power cables, fire-fighting equipment, fireproof doors, home appliances and so on.

To get Certificate of Conformity for such products, you will need to get Fire Certificate firstly.




What is the "Annual Inspection"? In which conditions it will be executed?

Accordingly to Russian Federation legislation, "Annual Inspection" for Certificates should be executed for all the manufacturers, having Certificates for Serial production during 3 years. For companies, having Certificate for Serial production during 1 year or for single delivery, such inspections are not needed.