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Emblem of Kazakhstan

The certification in Kazakhstan is quite difficult because the local authorities are not very cooperative, for this we suggest to start as early as possible.

Kazakhstan has a system of certification mostly similar with the Russian one and starting from February 2013 they enter the new Custom Union, so the same rules for the Certificates of Conformity TR TS applied

Procedures include the certification of conformity GOST K with three years validity that requires an inspection visit (two persons, one week) or with a batch validity that may be obtained without the inspection visit. Inspection visit is also necessary for a serial new TR TS certification.

It should be necessary, depending on application, to obtain permits to use, Metrologic and Fire Certificates.

TAKE CARE: the RTN permit to use of Kazakhstan, up to now, was not cancelled for the products under the new TR TS (such as in Russia)


3 years with company certification. 
It may be obtained for a specific contract with 1 year validity

Necessary for:
Import the products in Kazakhstan

Must be issued for:
All the products

from left: letter of exemption; Gost K certificate

 kazconf let-es-kaz

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